Old Country Farm is a 220 acre lowland farm of permanent pasture, traditional orchard and old and new woodland and special wildlife sites.  The greater part of it is situated within the Area of Outstanding natural Beauty of the Malvern Hills. It is managed for the benefit of landscape, traditional features, wildlife and biodiversity - as well as producing some food! The orchards are the subject of the book ‘Orchard’ recently published by Ben MacDonald and Nick Gates. 

We are continuously planting apple, plum and pear trees there, and the fruit is used by Will to make his organic Cider and Perry. 

We have around 35 acres of ancient semi-natural woodland, and another 35 acres or so of newer planting, almost entirely broadleaf trees suitable to the area.  Much of the permanent pasture is grazed by cattle and sheep, with very low or no inputs, to benefit the natural species growing in the sward.

We hold public walks for wildlife once or twice a year. We have Dormice, Bechstein bats, Otters, Lesser-Spotted Woodpeckers, and Noble Chafers, to name a few species.


The farm is situated 5 miles from the Malvern Hills, with plentiful walks locally as well as on the Hills, and many bike routes to follow in the lanes.  We provide maps and guides to borrow.  You can also reach us by car, (25 minutes from the motorway network) or by train (Colwall station), and we can give lifts to the station with sufficient notice. 

There are several good country pubs within 4 miles and other restaurants  in Malvern and Ledbury – it’s wise to book at busy times


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